Monday, March 12, 2007

Below is a reworking of my original proposal. I added some references and some calculations of the number ventilators required in a pandemic.
See Preliminary Layout for Open Source Pandemic Ventilator Design PDV1 070319

I am also having an ongoing discussion of this topic at
If you want to hear what others think or submit your own ideas, go over and have a look.

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FloLake said...

I am currently corresponding with "Dreamer" in an online forum from the WilmingtonStar NewsOnline.

Thus far no one else has picked up on the gravity of the subject material. To me, Dreamer's topic is of the most urgent kind.

Imagine needing a "vent" to breathe with and they're simply "out"! We'd all do well to contact the CDC in Atlanta to see what can be done and where we stand in our individual geographic locations.

Waste not a minute as time is likely running short.