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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Video of Pandemic Ventilator Norman

Here is a picture with the Plexiglas cover installed, ready for the science fair. The jug of water that was used for a weight is now replaced with a can filled with 4.5 Kg of metal. This makes for a more compact weight. The computer monitor is used to display LabView which is running on a P3 computer under the table.

Norman Pandemic Ventilator Ready for the Science Fair

Last week I showed some pictures of “Norman”, and a video of the ventilator running.
(link here)

This week I have another video that shows the functioning ventilator with alarms enabled and also outputting a pressure wave to Labview on the computer. When you see the video, it again shows it running with a pressure of about 22 cm of water and a stroke volume of about 400 cc. The black bag that is inflating and deflating is a lung simulator, and the gauge that is turning is a spirometer. The patient line occluded and the loss of air pressure alarms are demonstrated by occluding the patient line and then the compressor line. The pressure signal from the pressure transducer is displayed on the computer monitor.

Norman has now run for many hours with no failure of the bag. This prototype shows that the pandemic ventilator design can meet the pressure and volume requirements for a ventilator and can also be equipped with safety alarms, remote monitoring and control.

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