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Sunday, May 22, 2011

End of the Project

If you landed on this page first, you may want to look at my list of all blogs in the following link. You can follow the project from beginning to end or just view the best parts.

The H1N1 pandemic scare has now passed into history. It was (thankfully) very mild, and the need for extra ventilators was minimal. Most governments and health care providers have reasonably sensible pandimic plans now in place. Some companies have produced very affordable and reasonably capable ventilators that are being stockpiled in case another pandemic occurs. I guess the H5N1 still is a threat, but most authorities and news media are not interested in pandemic talk anymore. Hopefully that never mutates into a human contagion.

I don't think there is really that much more that I can contribute. I will leave the site open for comments and weed out the spam from time to time. Occasionally I still hear from people that want to talk about the project and the social ramifications of doing something like this

I would like to thank everyone who worked on the project, commented, given me ideas or valuable criticism and support. I have a lot of ideas on many topics. I hope to start work on a device I designed that can improve the life and health of home dialysis patients. I work in home dialysis and have spoken to a lot of people about what they want and I know of a way to provide this flexibility at a low cost. This time I want to use the traditional approach of patent and IP protection. I hope to start another blog sometime where I discuss some of the other ideas for inventions that I have.

In any case I am doing well, and my son (who built a prototype for me) is also doing very well. I think the process of working on this project has been a very good experience for us both.

Bye for now,

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