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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pandemic Ventilator Project List of All Posts

Pandemic Ventilator Contingency Planning
Ethics of using non-regulated devices
Using Manual Ventilators in a Pandemic Crisis
Using Existing Infrastructure as a source of Ventilator Parts
Trusting in the Pandemic Plans
A Proposal for an Open Source Design to Assemble Ventilators to Meet Pandemic Surge Demand A reworking of my original proposal
The Cost of Providing a Ventilator Safety Net for a Pandemic (And the Cost of Not)
Being Aware of the Shortage
Preliminary Layout for Open Source Pandemic Ventilator Design PDV1 070319
Planning the Prototype Build for the Pandemic Ventilator
Bellows With Bag Fully Inflated
Bag Loaded Into Bellows Unit
Back of Bellows Unit With Curved Edge
The Bellows Unit is Constructed
Putting The Parts Together
Video of the Ventilator Running
New Bellows Design and Magnetic Sensors
Valves Picture
Control Box and Lung Simulator
Figure 4 Manometer Over Pressure
Figure 3 Manometer Maximum Pressure
Figure 2 Manometer Minimum Pressure
Figure 1 Manometer Zero Pressure
Manometer Operation Details
On Hiatus for the Summer
Does Open Source Hardware Development Work?
Assembly Instructions
Link to Commentary on Ventilator Shortage
Progress Report Vinnie
The Ventilator is a Lifeboat
Some Short Pandemic Info Videos from Youtube
Larry Brilliant on Bird Flu
Everything Old is New Again Workshop Built Ventilators
A Personal Account of Home Made Ventilator Saving a Life
Review of Online Book - Ethical and Legal Considerations in Mitigating Pandemic Disease: Workshop Summary
Review of - Mass Medical Care with Scarce Resources: A Community Planning Guide
Test of the Pandemic Ventilator with Manometer
One Year Anniversary
Review of Ontario Health Plan for an Influenza Pandemic
Review of - Positive-Pressure Ventilation Equipment for Mass Casualty Respiratory Failure
Dr John Hick Interviewed by the Star Tribune
Norman Running on Video
Another Video of Pandemic Ventilator Norman
WWSEF Science Fair Results
Why There is a Need for the Pandemic Ventilator
Are the Ventilator Numbers Real?
A Home Made Iron Lung for the Hospital for Sick Children
How Many Ventilators Does New York Really Have?
Quick Review of “Definitive Care for the Critically Ill During a Disaster”
The Cost of Efficiency
Pandemic Ventilator at the Canada Wide Science Fair
Dr. Eric Toner Blog post
Building a Pandemic Ventilator
Staff Priority for Ventilators? ... Yes?
Pandemic Ventilator at Queens Park
Hospitals "Full-Up": The 1918 Influenza Pandemic
Video: Larry Brilliant: TED Prize wish: Help stop the next pandemic
Video: Standing in the Safety Zone
Video: Interview of John M Barry author of The Great Influenza
Video: Influenza Pandemics: Past and Future
Video: Protecting the Healthcare Workforce in Pandemic Influenza
Video: Avian Flu
Video: Emerging Infections: How Epidemics Arise
Video: Davos 07: Pandemics
Video: California Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Summit
Video: On Avian Flu
Video: Avian Flu: Innovation in Healthcare
Possible Swine Flu Pandemic Brewing
Canada to Buy Ventilators for the H1N1 Flu
The Crisis is Near Now A High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator Design
Are the H1N1 Death Numbers Low?
Using a Dialysis Machine to do ECMO
HFOV design is Coming Soon
A High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator Design For Use in Pandemics
ECMO Dialysis H1N1 and MacGyver